From ensuring high speed and secure access to internal sources Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps you stay connected with POE’s to take advantage of the latest high speed access from small to large wireless networks.

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About Us

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, with headquarters near Paris, France and 2700 employees worldwide, is a leader in communications, networking and cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes, serving more than 500,000 customers across the globe. Our cost-effective solutions help organizations embrace new uses and models by enabling multimedia conversations across any device, supported by an Application Fluent Network, from the office to the cloud. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, with a history of proven technology and experience, leverages a global team of technology experts, service professionals, and partner ecosystem to meet the unique needs of small businesses to international companies with tailored offers that address the requirements of various market segments and industries.


Stay connected with POE and interface upto 40 Gb/s for office, campus and data center networks.


Ensure high-speed, secure access to internal resources across a distributed user base.


Monitor and maintain your network, while lowering total cost of ownership.


Lower risk and contain cost with future-proof products that protect infrastructure investments.

Product Range

Applications and Unified Communications

Full set of intuitive applications enabling to increase users productivity from any devices, with any media, whatever the context - from the office or on the move.


Campus Access Switches

A complete set of stackable LAN access switches with market leading resiliency, embedded security and dynamic network performance tuning for real time application delivery.


Campus LAN Core Switches

A new generation of wire-rate 10GbE/40GbE core switches, with market leading port density and switching capacity, reduce the need for oversubscription and prepare your network for future growth


Data Center Switches

Low-latency, 10/40GbE multipath connectivity-ready switches let enterprises meet current needs while preparing for the future with no costly hardware change-outs.


Enterprise Communication Platforms

IP/SIP communication infrastructure provides the connectivity, communication services, management and security for enterprise communication and collaboration needs.



A complete line of management tools including: Network and communications elements, data center fabric management, IPAM and performance management.


Phones and Software Clients

Advanced telephony and communication tools offering unprecedented user experience at the desk or on the move.



MPLS switches for private WANs and data center interconnect. Also available are enterprise services routers enabling WAN access while providing a wealth of services from a single box.


Security & BYOD Network Services

Embedded network security, secure on-boarding, device management, guest access and full suite of BYOD services to enforce end-system compliance and ensure a consistent high quality user experience across any access method.



Wireless LAN (WLAN) and instant/access points (I/AP) that support the latest high-speed (IEEE 802.1n) access for small, medium and large networks, as well as unique remote worker features.


Products for SMB

Feature rich ecosystem built on an IP communication server, delivering comprehensive services such as mobility, welcome center, management, home-working, with the relevant network infrastructure.



Data Center Switching Solutions

Corporate data center infrastructures must evolve. Mobility, real-time applications and virtualization have created new demands that yesterday's data center architectures aren't equipped to handle.

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Converged Campus Networks

The mobility trend is impacting all corporations today. A mobile enterprise benefits from business agility and engaged employees, and satisfied customers. In order to really become a mobile enterprise, the network infrastructure needs to support a variety of devices, the growing adoption of new applications (many using multimedia), while ensuring that employees can be connected anywhere, any time, with any device.

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Unified Communications & Collaboration Solutions

Imagine a single communications environment where users can collaborate using any device, wherever they are. With UC&C, enterprises can quickly gain a competitive advantage by breaking down silos to create the modern, mobile, multi-device and multi-media environment that users demand.

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Cloud Communications Solutions

Cloud models and services have emerged as a transformational opportunity to reduce the burden on IT of building and managing infrastructures. Companies can increase their focus on strategic business value and begin to shift to a scalable service model. The cloud offers rapid deployment, flexible and elastic cost structures, advanced applications and service delivery with improved user experience.

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Customer Service Solutions

Digital media and the Consumer Revolution forces organizations to rethink the way they engage with customers. Mobile devices, social networks and consumer-generated content means customers communicate in new ways. These trends create significant changes in customer service to satisfy what customers care about.

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OpenTouch Solutions

In the fast-changing landscape of today's workplace communications, OpenTouch solutions offer smooth, future-proof transformation paths. They combine innovation with the assurance of future capabilities supporting the rise of the "bring your own device" culture and the shift to cloud-based services. OpenTouch makes mobility a natural extension of the communication, collaboration, sharing, multi-tasking and multimedia experience. Virtual workforces can effectively engage through one-on-one, one-to-many or interactive work group sessions as distance between employees become a detail.

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Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

As a small to medium sized business with up to 200 employees, your communications challenges can range from security and mobility to collaboration and networking. It’s tough to balance busy daily schedules with monthly targets, while equipping remote workers and running operations on a tight budget. At Alcatel-Lucent we understand that business communication solutions need to be simple, reliable and easy to use. But now more than ever, they need to deliver even better value to companies and keep up with market trends.

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"As the Jumbo Group, we are in the business of providing technology and related services to support our customers. We practice what we preach, and extend that cutting-edge technology into our organizational best practices to improve workflow and efficiency. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has provided us excellent support and consultation to address our requirements. The implementation is really serving its purpose and exceeding expectations."
- Mr. V. Suresh, CIO, Jumbo Electronics
"We realized that not only would we be integrating and deploying something that needed to fit today’s requirements, but also those coming in a few years. There will always be ad hoc requirements, and it is good to know we have a solid platform in which we can always add applications to."
- Huzefa Hussain, IT Manager, Radisson Blu